Sunday, March 4, 2007

Why I started this Blog


Thanks for stopping by. I am creating this on behalf of my partner. Whose computer has died. Not One Week after purchasing this GATEWAY from BEST BUY his computer started to blue screen. Now mind you, we bought two computers, exactly the same. (Mine is fine)

He took it back to BEST BUY where they re-imaged the hard drive. It worked for about a week, but not well. Internet explorer and Word would often crash, and he'd often have to reboot. He re-imaged the hard drive himself which again worked for about a week. Then it crashed again. He was frustrated and contacted Gateway. He sent it in to Gateway, and they re-imaged the drive. It worked for less than 24 hours. Now he doesn't want anything more to do with it. He bought Windows Vista Home Premium to try to install a totally new operating system on it, but now Internet Explorer is crashing, the system blue screens every so often, and the whole thing sucks.

Internet explorer has stopped working
Windows sidebar has stopped working

He just wants a working computer, that he can use for work and play (games).

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Frankodimungo said...

I'm sure you're leaving out the part where you went in and screamed and yelled at the guy behind the counter. I'm sure you're also forgetting to mention that you were outside the 14 day r/e policy.

I'm also sure that if you actually go in and talk nice to the people there they'll eventually fix the issue. Whether that's replacing the ram in the notebook, replacing the notebook or just removing the garbage that you probably installed on it in "1" week (Windows XP drivers on a Vista PC?) I don't know. Actually all the above really doesn't matter.

If all your repairs have been logged and you have paperwork for what you had done, the paper trail should lead Gateway to authorize and exchange......if you talk nice to them.

Johnny said...

2 working fixes here

you can also try un-installing add-ons.

Leslie said...

Gateway stinks. They love to sell products, but they do not stand behind their products. Tech support is just another wayt o bring in more money. If they only realized how much they are losing in bad PR..... There must be 15 websites just like this one. And I am off to post on every one! Just doing my part to share my experience.

altered said...

To Frankodimungo: I see your point, but I think that gateway is also to blame.

There are many stories out there about bad gateway customer service, mine included: